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Communications & Technology

Digital Automation

Digital was the word we kept hearing at the 24th Annual Club Membership & Marketing Conference. Marketing, Membership and Communication Directors are constantly adapting to new ways of communicating with members and with so many choices, there isn’t enough time to effectively and efficiently use them all...without the power of automation.

What's Trending

Capital Improvement Communications

During our annual conference round table discussions attendees shared on the significance of communication during capital improvement project planning. While listening to the experiences being shared a few pieces of the puzzle stood out as being tremendously valuable.

Membership Sales

3 Components of Great Sales Questions

Hooray! You finally got the time and attention of that prospective new member you have been chasing down. However, when this happens and you finally connect, it often feels like there isn't enough time to listen, and the spiel of how great club membership is naturally comes spilling out…

Membership Marketing

Work Smarter Not Harder

Time is the new currency and we have too much to do each day, so applying neuromarketing strategies helps when it comes to maximizing output and motivating potential members. Research shows that 85% of decisions are made with our subconscious, yet we marketing and sell primarily to the 15%...

What's Trending?

F&B Minimums and Food To Go

Contributed by Hannah Eanes, CMP, Director of Members Relations at PCMA

Recently we have seen PCMA member clubs discussing the parameters surrounding food and beverage minimums, specifically as it pertains to food that is ordered and purchased to be consumed away from the club


Membership Retention & Relations

Best Practices To Engage All Family Members In Club Activities & Events

contributed by Marianne Schofield, CMP, Association Vice President, PCMA and Director of First Impressions at the The Ford Plantation

All club professionals should use the club's mission/vision as the guiding principle for each of the events and activities that you offer your members.


Employee Relations

Leadership & Team Engagement In Social Media

Contributed by Kristen Bunting, CMP, Director of Marketing & Communications at Princess Anne Country Club

How can we, as marketing leaders, earn trust, inspire and build bonds with our team to effectively utilize this important marketing platform?