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Benefits Of Membership

#1 Resource For Private Club Membership & Marketing

Online Member Community

Connect with colleagues, develop lifelong career relationships, share photos, download models and samples, participate in discussion forums, join like-minded groups, etc.

Profile Management: Update your contact information, share professional details, add photos, review transaction history and payments, track professional development and review participation history.
Discussion Forums: An online conversation tool for exchanging ideas and extending support, allowing you to benefit from the experience and knowledge of like-minded professionals while sharing your own expertise.

Member Directory: Looking to find a fellow PCMA member? See who is online now, search by keyword and filter by specific criteria.
Networking Groups: Connect with local peers, like-minded and industry partners professionals through group affiliation.

Member Connections: Follow-up live events, conversations and add like-minded colleagues to your own personal network for convenient networking.
Information Blogs: Remain in the loop of industry trends and information, recent articles and peer spotlights.

Photo Galleries: Explore and recap our vibrant and active PCMA events. Share your own photos and browse pictures shared by your peers. 
Direct Messaging: A quick and easy tool allowing direct communications within your network.
Additional Member Resources

Member Spotlights: Programs and initiatives that have been successfully implemented at PCMA member clubs.  This resource acknowledges expertise and bridges communication on like-minded subjects.
Member Newsletter:  A regular press release highlighting trends, announcements, member accomplishments, chapter activities and other important information.

Document Archive: Who has time to reinvent the wheel? Browse our growing archive of samples and templates developed and implemented by your peers.

Industry Whitepapers: Forward thinking industry concepts and resolutions. New whitepapers are released annually and highlight how club operations impact membership growth, usage, retention and satisfaction.


Club Membership & Marketing Magazine: A premier online monthly publication focusing on membership retention and relations, recruitment, club communications and technology and professional development.

Professional Club Resource Program: A program designed to build relationships between PCMA members and a select group of industry leading product and service providers.

Annual Club Trends & Compensation Reports:  Lead your club and be informed of the latest membership marketing trends.  Our industry reports will be your compass as you navigate professional challenges and research opportunities.

Membership Add-on Opportunities 

Annual Conference:  Curious about market relevancy trends affecting our industry? Interested in case studies and success stories? Looking for opportunities to connect with like-minded peers? [learn more]

Professional Certification: A a cutting edge professional certification program tailored exclusively to the practice of private club membership and marketing management. [learn more
  Chapter Involvement & Development: Flourish professionally through your local PCMA chapter by becoming engaged in quarterly networking events, educational seminars and leadership opportunities.   PCMA Career Board:  Be the first to know about open positions and remain ahead on position related industry trends via access to our dynamic listing of available professional opportunities.

Preferred Webcast Pricing: Our bi-monthly online web events feature a variety of today's most trending topics presented by leading industry professionals.
[learn more]

Team Engagement: PCMA membership is extended to the team members of Professional Members at a discounted rate [learn more]
Benefits of Membership By Membership Type
 Benefits of Membership Professional


Online Community  X  X  
Profile Management  X   X  X X X
Discussion Forums  X  X      
Member Directory  X  X      
Networking Groups  X  X X X  
Member Connections  X  X      
Photo Galleries  X  X X X X
Direct Messaging  X  X      
Member Newsletter  X  X X X X
Document Archives  X  X      
Industry Whitepapers  X  X      
Professional Club
Resource Program
 X  X X    
Annual Club Trends & Compensation Reports  X  X      
Team Engagement  X  X  
Chapter Involvement  X  X X    
Industry News Blog
 X  X X X X
Member Spotlights
 X  X X X X
Club Membership
& Marketing Magazine
 X  X X X X
Annual Conference Eligibility  X  X X X X
Professional Certification  X   X    
Preferred Webcast Pricing  X  X X X X