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All Attendee Education & Keynote Speakers

Planning for our 25th Annual Conference is in full swing, and we will will this page as soon as the details are ready for release. If you are interested in attending conference in 2020, the information on our conference pages will give you an idea as to the programming you might expect to see. 


Stop Pitching & Start Solving – Helping People Discover What They Really Want

Presented by Tim Wackel, Sales Trainer & Consultant

Your membership development team already has a number of “sales questions” they like to ask prospective members. Maybe you recognize a few of these:

“What other clubs are looking at?”
“Can you tell me about your family?”
“Where did you go to school?”
“What are your hobbies?”

You and your team may benefit by asking these types of questions, but the other party gains little. These conversations typically end with the prospective member saying “Let us think about it some more and then we’ll get back to you.”

Stop Pitching & Start Solving teaches you exactly what it takes to craft questions that ignite emotions, discover motivations and get people to act.  Here is a sample of what you will discover during this fun and interactive presentation:

  • The #1 obstacle to asking great questions and how to eliminate it
  • How to ask hard questions in an easy way
  • Practical tips for learning how to ask thought-provoking (not mind-numbing) questions
  • How to beat a “hopeium” addiction by learning to go-for-no!

The Spirit Of Leadership

Presented by Andy Stangenberg, CEO at Q-Principle

This highly inspiring leadership feature introduces components such as behavioral strategies, tactics, industry best practices and life-values. It serves as a think-changer to establish new and innovative leadership forward thinking methodologies. The content coaches’ pro-active thinking and meaningful guidance principles when dealing with private club members and co-workers.  This workshop on embraced learning and innovative leadership principles will unearth challenges and obstacles within the scope of management and establish concepts and solution systems to overcome those road blocks. Any will include ideas and industry best practices on solution management, change management, effective communication techniques and other critical elements to move the needle of leadership to the forefront. 

This leadership distinction program will enable participants to:

  • Experience a fundamental mind-shift as it relates to management versus leadership
  • Gain access to new studies and industry best practices as it relates to motive and reason
  • Find inspiration to manage challenging situations
  • Establish strategies and tactics to establish sustainable leadership systems (Directives)
  • Recognize that being a go-getter is not necessarily equal to be a leader
  • Apply confidence by trying
  • Create a new brand system (The declaration of excellence)
  • Identify individual leadership tendencies and how to blend behavioral modifiers for a better balance
  • Design a better filter system and keep stress and pressure away from staff
  • Learn how the “why” is most critical in getting respected as a leader
  • Be able to shift conversational strategies within different generations (Motive maker)
  • Create a drive shaft for constant improvement (Umdenken – German High performance formula)
  • Coach for progress, celebrate results and reward willingness
  • Design Thinking – How things work

Work Smarter Not Harder: Brain Science Tips & Triggers For Influencing Behavior

presented by Laura Leszczynski, VP Marketing & Strategy at Strategic Club Solutions

Having a basic understanding of how the brain makes decisions will arm you with extra fire power as a membership engagement specialist. This session will offer insights on priming your target audience through influencers such as the five senses, first impressions, mental triggers, your facilities and visual marketing opportunities such as signage, collateral and web design.

The proven brain science tips discussed in this session will show you how a few simple changes can lead to increased membership attraction and retention. You are sure to leave with a list of actionable ideas and a renewed perspective on interacting with people. This inspiring researched-based information will encourage you to look at your club amenities, programs, communication and overall membership experience in a whole new way.