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2020 Post Conference Electives

About MMI Electives

Electives are not automatically included with your conference registration.  Optional single-day electives are offered in conjunction with PCMA's Virtual Club Membership & Marketing Conference. Conference attendance is required for elective participation. Membership Management Institute (MMI) electives are small group, workshop style courses available to PCMA members.  The course options below are not combined together into a single day.  Each course is stand alone running on September 24th & 25th, from 1pm to 5pm ET.  Completing a course in full is required for educational credit.  Partial credit will not be extended to attendees choosing to depart early. 

2020 MMI Elective Options

Creating “Big Stick” Emotional Cement During and After The Virus Madness!!!

Thursday, September 24th, 2020 from 1pm to 5pm Eastern


Instructed by Gregg Patterson
Founder and President at "Tribal Magic!!!"

Now more than ever, members and staff need to feel The Warm Embrace. Managers, staff and PCMA’ers who create Emotional Cement, who do Social KPIs right, who create a Community of Caring, will “do good” during The Virus Madness.

Clubs are about relationships and community and the emotional bonds that cement members to members, members to staff, staff to staff and people to place. Clubs that create strong emotional bonds are considered “sticky” and Clubs that do “sticky” well---who have “Big Stick” Emotional Cement---attract members, retain members and get their members to use the club often. And YOU, the membership/marketing professional, are absolutely fundamental to the creation, promotion and maintenance of “Big Stick” Emotional Cement!

The Curriculum for this HIGHLY INTERACTIVE workshop will include---but is not limited to---the following topics:

  • Defining Social KPIs.
  • Defining Emotional Cement.
  • Identifying the characteristics of a “Community of Caring”.
  • Identifying the characteristics of a “sticky” club.
  • Listing---and generating!---tactics clubs can use to create “Emotional Cement” between staff and members, members and staff, members and management and management and staff.
  • Outlining the role the PCMA’er plays in creating these emotional bonds.

Executive Presence & Next-Level Networking 

Friday, September 25th, 2020 from 1pm to 5pm Eastern

Instructed by Crystal L. Bailey
Director at The Etiquette Institute of Washington

Executive Presence is the professional "it factor". This workshop covers the elements of executive presence and how you can use them to enhance your professional credibility, communications and charisma. Learn how to channel your message through precise, positive and powerful language. Understand the message your posture, pacing and body language communicates to others. And identify how to bring calm, confidence and charisma to both common member relations and difficult situations.

An immense value-add within this course material is the opportunity reflect on your conference networking and continue improving your approach. Many of us step into a networking event thinking, "what can I get out of this?", but we've got it all wrong. In this course you will learn how become an asset and "super-connector" in any room. You will be guided through the do's and don'ts from prep-work to follow up. Expected takeaways include: killer first impressions, the art of the business card, juggling food and drink, curating conversation and making a graceful exit.

The Leadership Laboratory

Thursday, September 24th, 2020 from 1pm to 5pm Eastern


Instructed by Sue Tinnish, Ph.D.
Hospitality Scholar & Consultant

The Leadership Laboratory…here you experiment with the concepts that will inspire and transform the way you lead. This session is completely customized to your specific leadership challenges, club environment and personality, and organizational issues. Your facilitator and sherpa, Sue Tinnish, PhD, will accomplish that through an advanced survey prior to the workshop resulting in an audience-driven agenda and customized exercises.

During the morning session, we will address common position-related leadership scenarios inspired by the pre-event survey. Then we will move into your highest priorities – ranging from topics like decision making, emotional intelligence, engagement (staff team, general membership or committee/board), asking better questions, creativity, accountability, planning, project management, communication, and innovation. With a Ted-talk pace, Sue will navigate through a wide variety of your top concerns. She’ll finish the afternoon off with a peer-to-peer consulting circle activity that ensures you will walk away with specific suggestions and insights into your top challenges.

This course agenda will be driven by the participants so come ready to challenge, be challenged and contribute within this active learning laboratory.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Employ strategies and tactics that apply specifically to your leadership roadblocks and scenarios
  • Expand your own thinking to see what you can glean from other’s situations and perspectives
  • Improve your ability to engage, achieve buy-in and gain support from resistant parties or peers
  • Concoct your own special blend of leadership approaches based on wide-range of topics
  • Experience how an “open space” agenda can meet your own professional learning needs and perhaps open your mind to experimenting with how you run your own meetings