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Breakout Education Sessions

Planning for our 25th Annual Conference is in full swing, and we will will this page as soon as the details are ready for release. If you are interested in attending conference in 2020, the information on our conference pages will give you an idea as to the programming you might expect to see. 


The Assimilation Project – Engagement Strategies For Achieving Increased Member Retention

Moderated by Kathy O'Neal, Club/Resort/Hospitality Consultant

This unique panel education will showcase a variety of perspectives as it relates to achieving full circle member engagement. Together, we will get a better understanding of new member on-boarding trends, proven best practices and review examples of programs that work that have been successfully implanted by our panelists. This session will begin by examining the perspective of a new member and then move into discussions around influencing their experience and motivating active participation in club programs and serving the club through volunteer leadership positions.

Featured Panelists:
Rachel Leatherwood, CMP, Member Services Coordinator at River Crest Country Club
Susan Greene, MCMP, LCAM, Director of Membership & Marketing at The Oaks Club
Marianne Schofield, CMP, Director of First Impressions at The Ford Plantation

Turning Your Club Website Into A Membership Marketing Resource

Presented by Kathy Heil, Partner, StoryTeller Media + Communications

Connecting with the next generation of members starts with your website, it’s the window into your club. You don’t, however, need a new website to generate more members or book more weddings, you just need to do more with the one you have. The days of set it and forget it are gone. This session will highlight 5 things you can do today to ignite your online presence:

  1. Get to Know Your Analytics: Not only is it important to know things like how many visitors are coming to your site, you also need to understand how your website visitors are interacting with your club online. Learn how to use data to drive your marketing decisions.

  2. SEO: Breaking down earned vs. owned attention. When it comes to running paid ads on Google or social media, what are best practices? What kinds of content posts work for private clubs? How do you increase traffic without paying for it?

  3. Conversion Opportunities: We live in a world of immediate access to information and the modern "club buyer" is no different. Learn some proven strategies for connecting with your website visitors and applying free tools that can help you build up your pipeline of prospects.

  4. Conversational marketing: The world is changing and your prospects expect you to change too. Learn how to incorporate marketing that is intimate and personal, responsive, helpful and human.

  5. CRM: Sell more and work less? When you incorporate sales and marketing technology into the sales process, your productivity will skyrocket and you will close more opportunities.

KPIs Influencing Membership Retention in 2019

Presented by AJ Redetzke, Vice President at Creative Golf Marketing

How is it possible to identify members that are on trend to becoming the club's next resignation letters? Utilizing data and effective Retention Campaigns can help decrease 'controllable' circumstances and lower attrition rates at your club.

In terms of developing a strategy to identify and evaluate your own member's activity and engagement, club leadership should start with the basics and understand how to identify those 'at risk' members; have a Retention Campaign outlined and ready to implement; and determine who is responsible for acting on this information and monitoring progress. In this session, AJ will provide you with all the information you need to create a membership retention program for your club.

  • Identify and group members to classify those 'at risk.'
  • Implement retention campaigns.
  • Ensure effective communications.
  • Monitor Patterns and process against defined goals.